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Detective Angela Ashwood

"You can get killed just for living in your American skin..."

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Name:Angela Louella Ashwood
Birthdate:Oct 16
Location:Brooklyn Heights, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Detective Angela Louella Ashwood is a native New York chick. She was born and bred in Brooklyn Heights and still lives there today. She has one brother who's 8 years younger than her, and they came from a long line of New York cops, so it was a natural progression for her to want to follow in her dad's footsteps. In fact, her great grandfather was a cop in Al Capone's era, one of many cops who tried to infiltrate the Mafia. Angela's dad, Garrett, met his mother, Louella, through work. Louella was a cutthroat attorney and after she got her client off, had a whirlwind romance with Garrett. They now live upstate when Garrett was promoted to Police Captain in Poughkeepsie and Angela stayed in their family home in Brooklyn Heights.

After High School, Angela studied Criminal Justice at John Jay College in New York City. She was a shoo-in with her grades, and after graduating, scored a position as a rookie with the NYPD and did a term at a police academy to train. It was there that she met Clint Chevalier, a little hottie recruit from Louisiana. They really hit it off and were surprised to find they were going to be working at the same precinct after their training. One thing led to another, and they slept together, but they were never dating material. Angela swung both ways, but was always more preferred females. She was choosy with any guy she fucked. Clint was a lot of fun, but he was free-spirited and restless, whereas she was an ambitious homebody. Instead, they became close friends and thought it was fucking fantastic when they were assigned as each others partners.

They were partners through Clint's rookie days, but he wasn't destined to be a cop. He would have made a great detective, but didn't have the desire to study to get there. Angela wasn't at all surprised when he ended up a Private Investigator with his own business. It was right up his alley and because he was literally all over the place, they kept in touch but didn't see each other much once his business took off. Now, Angela has climbed the ranks to detective herself and is partner to English lad, Adam Morgan, working in the same department as Julie Fitzpatrick and Jared Beaumont, under the watchful eye of Jared's wife, Lieutenant Annalise Beaumont and their Captain, Julie's husband, Euan Fitzpatrick. She loves her job, even if it's very demanding and she has never once doubted her desire to become a cop like many generations of her family before her.

Angela is very close with her younger brother, Ainsley. Coming from a long line of cops, including his big sister, Ainsley wants to follow in their footsteps, becoming a cop himself. When his dad became the Police Captain in Poughkeepsie, Ainsley moved with them, but when he was old enough for high school, he asked to be able to move in with his sister in their childhood home. It took some convincing for his parents, but he ended up talking them into it, and he moved in with Angela. Despite her hectic career, Angela always makes sure to catch up frequently for a brother/sister hangouts.

Which is easy to pull off, because Angela doesn't have much of a social life beyond work. She's irked at herself for falling into that cliché cop trap. It's not that she isn't looking, but dating is so mindnumbing if you don't hit it off with someone from the get-go. She's a little gun-shy on the relationship front after she got herself into a messy situation with a married woman who told her she was going through a divorce because she wanted to be out and proud, not tied down with her unfaithful husband in a loveless marriage. Turns out, she was only screwing a woman as revenge over him, and when he found out about it, he stalked Angela and ran her off the road in her car one rainy night.

Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt. She had a little time off work, but recovered well. She finds it hard to trust women, though, being suspicious of what they might be hiding. It's an issue she knows she needs to work on, and one that hasn't at all helped her single life status. She has dabbled with dating a few guys, but nothing stuck. Instead, she just spends time on coffee dates with her friends or work colleagues, living on a Red Bull addiction she got off Clint, and spending way too much of her hard earned cash on eBooks, handbags, and microwave popcorn.

Angela thought she had nailed the healthy relationship thing when she started to date Clint's lesbian wife and work partner (a marriage of convenience to make going undercover easier with their jobs), Lexie. It seemed to go smoothly at first, but that, too, crashed and burned after Angela had to shoot and kill a perpetrator drug dealer that had kidnapped and tortured Lewis Sheldon. She had to make the split-second decision to pull her gun to save Lewis and Lexie's lives. Angela suffered a lot of trauma as a result of that whole deal, and for some reason, the relationship completely failed. In the process of all that happening, Angela, always wanting to help others as an innate quality of hers, offered to become a surrogate for Beau and Austin after Beau's long battle with his second bout of leukemia in his life.

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